Bending Automation — EG 6013 AR


EG 6013 AR — Press Brake with Automation

The EG 6013 AR bending cell (a servo-electric press brake) uses the world's first dual servo-electric drive – allowing for high speed and high precision. Combined with a bending robot, the EG AR bends small parts, eliminating the need for human operation and reducing the risk of danger when dealing with small, difficult-to-handle parts.

Features of the EG 6013 AR include:

  • Precision Bending Robot - Single robot for quick loading / unloading, bending and tool change. Dedicated bending grip tools are specifically designed for smallcomponents and can be changed automatically at the Automatic Hand Changing station.
  • Auto Tool Changer/Hand Changer – Equipped with Automatic Hand Changing station for switching between tool changing and bending operations. Continuous automated operation is possible due to the ATC.
  • Thickness Detection System (TDS) – TDS reads the variance in material thicknesses and compensates depth position automatically for stable and correct bending.
  • High Rigitity and Larger Open Height – TDS high-rigidity frame allows for a larger open height and stroke.


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