Punch/Fiber Laser Combo Machine — EML 2515 AJ


EML 2515 AJ

The EML 2515 AJ punch/fiber laser combination machine streamlines production and reduces cost by allowing fabricators to implement different part designs and find one that can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively. AMADA’s EML AJ takes productivity to an entirely new level.

Compared to the previous generation, the EML AJ's fiber engine uses a 200-watt diode array to generate 3kW of power, making it 3-times more energy efficient than the CO2 model. This allows for increased cut speeds and higher wall-plug efficiency. The fiber laser cutting capabilities enable modern manufacturers to create endless geometric patterns to accommodate a wide variety of parts to increase profit margins. Utilizing fiber laser technology allows businesses to expand their process capacity and ensure a quick return on their investment.



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