Fiber Laser Cutting System — ENSIS Series


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ENSIS Series

ENSIS Series Fiber Laser

The ENSIS Series uses AMADA's proprietary fiber laser technology to process both thin and thick materials without a cutting lens change or manual setup. The 3kW fiber engine incorporates AMADA's ENSIS Technology that optimizes the laser mode and Beam Parameter Product (BPP) based on the material thickness being processed. The ENSIS Series achieves high-speed cutting in thin material, a key capability of fiber technology, and the ability to process thick plate — a capability only achievable with 4kW CO2 technology.

ENSIS Series Fiber Laser Standard Features:

  • ENSIS technology allows for continuous variable beam control across
    every thickness of material with no setup
  • 1.4g acceleration over the entire work area
  • Cutting speeds over 4,700 ipm
  • Automation-ready
  • Energy efficient



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