Punch/Laser Combo Machine — EML 3610 NT


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EML 3610 NT

Standard Features

  • The EML 3610 NT combines the latest developments in machine, servo-electric punching, CNC and laser resonator technologies. The EML 3610 NT is a specialist in high-speed production of short run sheet metal parts, especially those that incorporate forming allowing many parts to be completed in a single setup
  • Efficient manufacturing of parts with minimum setup and maximum machine utilization.
  • Single operation allows for minimal part handling and reduced labor costs. Go from purchase order to invoice in one easy operation.
  • Combines the advantages off a high speed, servo-electric punch press with the flexibility of up to 4000W of laser power. Can be considered a turret punch press with minimum setup or a laser with high-speed cutting and forming capabilities.
  • Significant savings on tooling and improved part turnaround time.
  • High speed punching with a servo-electric, direct twin drive system that dramatically increases ram speed and eliminates unnecessary ram motion. High speed laser cutting by utilization of "Hybrid" laser motion system.
  • 100" X-axis can process 8' sheets without repositioning which reduces process time and improves accuracy.
  • Quiet operation with variable ram speed and laser cutting of large holes.
  • Virtually eliminates slug pulling with the power vacuum system.
  • High quality forming operations with programmable dwell at bottom of stroke for complete plastic deformation.
  • Progressive forms, flanges and embossments eliminate secondary operations
  • Reduced vibration of the direct twin drive ram combined with the rigid bridge frame ensures tighter tolerances extending tool and machine life while producing high quality, distortion free parts.
  • Brush table design provides scratch free processing, eliminating secondary finishing.
  • Freestanding PC-based network CNC control allows for flexible layout.


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