AMADA stamping presses have been manufactured in our own factories, to our legendary standards of quality since 1963. With well over 50,000 successful installations worldwide, we have the know-how and experience to address nearly any application.

Accurate, repeatable performance is the key to profitable pressworking operations. AMADA presses are built with this goal firmly in mind. At first glance, they may SEEM similar to many other machines being offered today, but a closer examination will quickly and clearly show how our superior designs are the RIGHT way to build a press.

Superior designs mean superior performance on the shop floor, and that's one of the big reasons why AMADA continues to be the #1 selling gap press in Japan.

Available in capacities from 45 through 500 metric tons, AMADA's press frames are designed using Finite Element Analysis to ensure that distortion is held to a minimum. Cast slides with extra-long ways, hydraulic overload protection, and powered die height adjustment in .01 mm (.0004") increments (1-point machines) all work together to bring you the level of performance expected from the world's largest manufacturer of machine tools. In addition, AMADA offers options to boost productivity that most other manufacturers cannot supply. These features include Link Motion, which can bring tremendous increases in production quality and quantity, and our Bridge Frame structure, which can bring gap press performance to the levels of a high quality straightside press - for a fraction of the cost.

Simply put, AMADA builds better presses, with more available options, to ensure maximum productivity well into the future.

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