EMK M2 Series

EMK M2 Series Standard Features

  • Process 10'x5' sheets without repositioning (EMK 3612 M2 only).
  • The highest real-world hit rates and ram positioning accuracy.
  • Twin servo drives eliminate the need for complex hydraulics or oil-cooling chillers—dramatically reducing maintenance and repair costs over the life of the machine.
  • Precision ram motion control (speed, stroke length, hover height and hold time) helps reduce tooling wear and punching noise.
  • Electrical power savings of up to 70% over typical hydraulic machines.
  • Standard 58-station or 55-station, triple track, King turret. Both turret configurations include two 4½" and two 1¼" auto-index stations.
  • Full set of high performance, quick-adjust, large station air-blow holders.
  • Extended tool life and minimum tool maintenance with Air Blow Oil Mist tooling
  • Virtually eliminates slug pulling with the power vacuum system
  • High quality, press-brake-like forming operations up to ½" with programmable dwell at bottom of stroke for complete plastic deformation
  • Progressive forms, flanges and embossments up to ½" eliminate secondary operations
  • Forming and high quality processing eliminate secondary operations
  • Reduced vibration of the direct twin drive ram combined with the rigid bridge frame ensures tighter tolerances extending tool and machine life while producing high quality, distortion free parts
  • Brush table design provides scratch-free processing, eliminating secondary finishing.
  • Free standing PC-based network CNC control allows for flexible layout


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