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AMS 3015 CL(T)

The AMS 3015 CL(T) was engineered to provide a flexible automation solution that reduces unnecessary machine downtime due to manual material loading. Manufactured with precision at our facility in Brea, California, the AMS CL(T) can automatically and consistently perform material handling operations — resulting in maximum machine productivity. Laser Automation Laser Automationvpss

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AMS (Automated Material Storage) Flexible Automation

Designed and built at our Brea, CA facility, AMS is engineered to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on manufacturers for variable lot sizes, quick turnaround, and lower part costs. AMS and AMADA laser cutting systems work together to acheive these goals by automating material handling, setup, and the flow of manufacturing information.

With AMS, speed and productivity are mathematically predictable and no longer linked to varying levels of personnel performance. Preprogrammed commands allow for the system to work around the clock with minimal operator intervention.

AMS Laser Automation Equipment Machine Setupvpss

If equipped with a tower, the system receives raw material on an elevator-loading platform or material table (depending on the selected configuration) via forklift or other material-handling device. A touch-screen controller provides quick access to stored data and directs the pallet-loading elevator to automatically store or retrieve material. Material shelves are sent to a resident position, or into the loading chamber. An operator can move material in and out of the storage system without interrupting the laser cutting process.

Engineered for maximum flexibility, multiple lasers, towers, and carts can be added to an AMS system to easily accommodate future growth. Each system uses standard components, or "modules", that can be configured based on your specific requirements. AMS can also be configured to
operate within your company's MRP or ERP system.


ASFH and ASLUL Compact Tower Systems

When space is at a premium, but maximizing material storage capacity is a necessity, AMADA offers several compact tower systems to resolve these automation requirements. ASFH and ASLUL systems require minimal floor space because they are designed to occupy space directly above the standard shuttle table. This design approach takes advantage of the vertical space in your facility and can be configured with a specified number of raw material pallets and finished parts/skeleton pallets. This system is not designed to accommodate multiple lasers. However, it is available in a dual tower configuration when a single tower is not sufficient. ASFH Compact Tower vpssThese systems can also be linked into Amada’s CS or MARS material storage systems. Forming material storage “hubs”, central storage towers can efficiently feed multiple lasers, punch presses, and press brakes — utilizing 50 to 1,000 pallets.

ASFH is designed and built in our Brea, CA facility. ASFH and ASLUL are both engineered to accommodate the high-speed processing of today’s laser cutting systems. Reducing material preparation time is key to maximizing a laser cutting system’s “green-light-on” time. To further enhance productivity, AMADA’s automated systems are engineered to work seamlessly with all AMADA laser cutting systems.


MPL Compact Load/Unload Pallet System

The MPL is another laser automation system designed and built at our Brea, CA facility. The MPL is ideal for fabricators who need a basic load/unload system. This high-speed automation system utilizes a single raw material pallet and a single offload pallet. The unit is positioned directly above the shuttle tables, minimizing the amount of floor space required. MP-L Compact Load Unload Pallet System vpssSince the system uses a single raw material pallet, there is no tower — making the MPL the ideal solution for environments that have low ceilings.

The MPL is not expandable to multiple lasers, but can be linked to AMADA’s material storage systems. These material storage “hubs” function as central storage towers that can service multiple lasers, punch presses, and press brakes and can be equipped with anywhere from 50 to over 1,000 pallets.


CS/MARS Material Storage Systems

CS and MARS storage systems organize the manufacturing process so that machine up-time and machine efficiency are tremendously increased — providing for continuous, on-demand production with minimal supervision. Large material storage systems function as a centrally located material “hub” that provides storage and distribution of raw materials. Material is distributed to the appropriate laser, turret punch press, or press brake. Material can even be distributed to a simple IO (Input/Output) station so it can be picked up by a tow motor.CS/MARS System vpss CS and Mars systems can also return “in process” parts to the storage racks as well as store finished parts. CS and MARS systems are custom-configured for each customer’s specific needs with future expansion in mind — ensuring the most flexible and comprehensive automated environment. Intelligent control systems monitor material levels and will notify you when material needs to be restocked on a pallet.


Part Removal and Sorting Automation

AMADA offers part separation and sorting systems for most of our laser cutting systems. For our solid table systems (such as our combination machines and our Pulsar series) AMADA offers TK and PR units. These highly reliable systems remove the part from the skeleton the instant it is cut free. Then, the part is precisely stacked on a pallet in the automation area. When part removal and stacking is complete, the skeleton is transferred to a separate pallet for easy disposal.

Part Removal and Sorting 1
Part Removal and Sorting 2vpss

For larger lasers (such as all of our flying optic fiber and CO2 machines,) AMADA offers the PSR Part Sorting Robot. This system removes parts directly from the shuttle table or a buffer pallet while the laser continues to process the next sheet. Since these machines use slat table designs, AMADA analyzes your parts to help verify what percentage of parts can be consistently removed separate from the skeleton and what percentage may require removal with the skeleton.

PSR Robot



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