Press Brakes — HD 1303 NT


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HD 1303 NT

Standard Tonnage Press Brake

With models varying in capacity from 88-243 tons, AMADA’s HD NT press brake series can handle a full range of applications in bend lengths from 101 to 161 inches. The HD Series features a Hybrid Drive System that is engineered for high-precision bending repeatability, low energy consumption, and less maintenance than a conventional hydraulic press brake.

Available on most models, AMADA’s patented variable slit crowning feature ensures consistent angle accuracy. Larger models are equipped with an auto-crowning feature that provides precise results based on calculations create by the AMNC-PC control. Additional features of the HD 1303 NT include:

  • 143-ton capacity
  • 122" maximum bend length
  • 18.5" open height (without clamps)
  • 7.87" stroke
  • ±.00004" ram repeatability


A wide variety of part geometries can be accurately processed thanks to a high-precision tapered backgauge. For precise bending control, the backgauge provides continuously updated feedback to the AMNC-PC NT-based control where exact positioning can be viewed at any time.

To provide maximum productivity, the HD’s intelligent control digitizes the bending process and delivers highly efficient offline programming. Enhanced network functions within the AMNC control allow operators to call up complete sets of bending data from the server. In addition, the AMNC control can create 3D images from DXF, DWG, and IGES files. Programming bending data using 3D images makes programming a more intuitive process. More importantly, 3D simulation enables the identification of problems before they can occur.

In summary, AMADA’s full line HD series boasts enhanced bending features for a wide range of applications. This series is engineered to expand fabricator’s processing range, reduce energy consumption, ensure angle accuracy, reduce trial bends, improve operability, and bring digital processing to markets. As a result, the HD NT series is another example of AMADA’s commitment to the ongoing development of new machine technologies that achieve the highest levels of performance while reducing operating costs and environmental impact.




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