Los Angeles Technical Center

The LATC is dedicated to the ongoing development of new manufacturing methods and the exploration of advanced technical trends. This methodology is  continually improved upon, to ensure that solutions proposed by AMADA will remain at the leading edge.

Specific improvements noted by customers who have partnered with AMADA include:

  • Increased machine utilization (up to 85%)
  • Lowering costs per part while reducing scrap and material handling
  • Print-to-product digitization and moving set-up off the shop floor
  • Process Range Expansion (PRE)

Los Angeles Technical Center Address

7025 Firestone Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90621

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General Sales Administration:
Phone: (800) 561-4578
Parts Order Desk:
Phone:(450) 378-0111
Toll Free: (800) 363-1220
Fax: (450) 378-0434
e-mail: parts@amada.ca
Tooling Order Desk:
Phone: (450) 378-0111
Toll Free: (800) 363-1220
Fax: (450) 378-0434
e-mail: tooling@amada.ca


Our Order Desks are open from
5am PST to 5pm PST.

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